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Professor All Knowing

Social media has forever changed the way in which people gain knowledge and develop their opinions of various topics. In the past, the value placed on information and opinions being shared depended greatly on the formal education and years of experience of the author.  Today, millions of people of all ages have the ability to share their thoughts with everyone else quickly and at a very low cost.

A possible downside to this technological extension of our freedom of speech is that little preparation is required for a person to broadcast their latest opinions. I have seen many examples of video postings where the host was attempting to develop logical arguments to their position on a specific topic literally “on the fly”, and sometimes under the influence of various substances.

Some bloggers choose to make themselves the primary focus of their blog’s content. It becomes similar to reading the person’s diary.  This is not necessarily a bad thing.  There is value to be gleaned from bloggers who focus on sharing their life experiences.  I consider the two most powerful words in the English language to be “me too”.  It is very important for people to realize that they are not alone in who they are, the way they act, and the way they feel.  But these sites lose value for me when they become all about the author seeking sympathy, justifying bad choices and behaviors, or attacking other groups of people.

This website will soon contain a large number of postings on various topics which will be grouped into larger categories. The character Professor All Knowing exists to prevent the perceived value of each post from being judged on any other factors than the logic of the arguments presented.  Professor All Knowing serves as a comical reminder that most of us feel that we have a really good understanding on how life works.  No person’s opinion is wrong or stupid when it is based upon what they have experienced in life.  But what is wrong and stupid is if you refuse to allow your understanding to grow and your views to be reshaped by exploring positions that differ from your own.

The Professor All Knowing posts may represent the opinions of an individual or even a group of people. Don’t be surprised or confused if some posts appear to be written by a man, while others are written from a women perspective.  Your comments and topic suggestions are always welcome.  This Professor understands that knowledge is gained through the sharing of a vast array of ideas and opinions.  But what will not be tolerated, is the use of this forum to further agendas other than the topics being discussed, or to belittle or degrade participates and the opinions that they share.  Prove your point using logic and verifiable facts; not character assassination based on personal prejudges.

It is very likely that at some point a viewer may take offense with a particular statement that is made. This is unavoidable in life when your belief system is being challenged.  But it is important that all participants strive to treat each other with mutual dignity and respect.

Enjoy, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Professor All Knowing